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Why - UX - Law of Attraction in Action - Body Language Basics

Video has become the most accessible and effective way for local businesses to market themselves. In fact, the 40% of your prospects who frequent YouTube will likely look for such videos before making a purchase or hiring you for your services.

Video has become the most accessible and effective way for local businesses to market themselves. In fact, the 40% of your prospects who frequent YouTube will likely look for such videos before making a purchase or hiring you for your services.

Not surprisingly, many small businesses are now creating their own video content in order to establish their expertise and build trust within their communities. 

Why? - Three Primary Reasons

Active vs. Passive 

The competence of active marketing has been in decline since at least 2005. Saturation and a barge of tactics have left customers jaded. To make matters worse, large corporations with extensive budgets have continued to put money into campaigns, raising the bar of consumer expectations above the advertising budget of local companies.  

Videos are passive marketing vehicles. Because they are accessed by customers, you are targeting a group who is the market for what you have to offer. In a way, it is like dating: nobody wants to go with somebody who seems desperate. 

 Video Marketing is on the Rise 

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. That makes sense, coinciding that visual experiences create satisfying but non-committal ways to gain deeper understanding. To put it bluntly, people want to see you without being seen.

One thing customers are looking for is body language. It is one of the most believable forms of communication. Think about it, do you want to read testimonies about a dentist, or would you rather see relaxed and happy patients praising a dentist’s work? 

People are also interested in a sense of place. Whether you are doing a walk-though shot or filming single angle, video breathes life into your local. And while web pages full still pictures and written descriptions can provide information, they often read like obituaries.   

Keep Customers on Your Site 

Window shoppers don’t buy. People who walk into the store spend money. In the world of cyber marketing, this is called the bounce rate. It is the difference between someone who visits your page and then leaves versus the customer who sticks around to learn more.

Videos are estimated to reduce bounce rate by as much as 34%. With a properly achieved tone, they can help your customers comfortably browsing about a well as any skilled sales staff. 

Why is Business Video King?

The Law of Attraction

Loyalty to your brand is not as important as a customer's experience. This is the law of attraction in action. As new technology and virtual experiences emerge to benefit the lives of your customers they will naturally gravitate towards the companies that are more aligned with the technologies that they enjoy using. Smartphone for example is most used portal to the internet and companies who aren’t designing their digital experiences through the size and shape of a smartphone are losing ground to companies who make their transaction process more accessible with smartphones. 

Body Language

Scientists who study body language agree that more than 80% of all communication happens through non-verbal communication. So if you are spending any money at all on digital marketing why would you spend it on anything other than video. If video has the potential to be 80% more effective than text, print or audio messages the choice is clear. Small business video is here to stay. 

How is Video king of Local SEO?

The number one common ground trust factor that exists before you even go shopping is geography. The common geography of you and your customer carries the highest relevancy ranking factor in Google search because of proximity. Proximity is the hidden “R”. The proximity your business has to it’s customers can also go by a different word. Convenience. Proximity is highly associated with convenience and as we all know. Convenience is king. The internet has conditioned us to expect instant gratification. Inherent to geographic proximity is delivery time or acquisition speed. Local SEO is should be the first goal of any digital marketing effort. To organically show up for “Your Most Valuable Keyword” has to be numero uno on the list of priorities for digital marketing. Without it you simply do not exist. 150 people a day in your city could be searching for what you do. If you can’t be found your customers simply cannot find you. The best known way to appear on the 1st page of Google for free is by publishing a YouTube video with your most valuable keyword in the title, description and meta tags. 

Getting Started in Business Video Production 

Video production experts are not business sales experts. Anthony Prichard is both, combining corporate sales and production video experience to help you get your message recorded, watched and analyzed.

Whether you need production, optimization strategies, or someone to teach your sales staff to create their own promotional content, reach out today.

Step-By-Step Guide to publishing a video so that it shows up on the first page of Google For your most valuable keyword.

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